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Words fail our gratitude to you for supporting our vision Andy! Everyone is just cheering and filled with joy and inspiration to run the next mile! Andy, we would like to thank you, your team, the Headteachers, teachers, children and the whole community for your touching display of love. These keyboards will be instruments of change – they will transform many young people and spur so many people who are devoted to helping others. ‘African Muzik Festival’

Nyemu - World Muzik Makers

Just wanted to say thank you for organising 'School's Alive' it was another great success! We all loved being a part of it, so thank you.

Jo Geary - Devonshire Primary School

Well done! Our children THOROUGHLY enjoyed their debut at the Grand Theatre. They loved everything about their rehearsal and evening performance for ‘Schools Alive’. Many thanks to all the staff involved.

Lindsay Walton - Marton Primary School

Really enjoyed the performances last night at 'Schools Alive' - please pass on my congratulations and well done to all involved.

Gill Fennel, Senior Adviser, Learning & Schools Division

I was so impressed with the children at the 'NEEC' Conference. They were wonderful and have really enjoyed the whole experience.

Annette Conuel - Roseacre Primary School

I haven’t had a chance to offer you my congratulations on the brilliant performances you arranged for the ‘NEEC 2011’ Conference – it is not surprising that you keep winning awards!

Bert Fleming

Great year this year, the kids really enjoyed 'African Muzic Festival' and got loads from it. Thanks to you, Wedzy and his team.

Mark Cowell - St Nicholas' Church of England Primary School

Our new Samba instruments are amazing! It has really helped us think about life in South America. It was very exciting for all of us to be a Samba Band for the first time ever. We know all the names of the instruments and everyone wanted to go on the Surdo! We were very shocked and felt very lucky that you provided our instruments, because some schools do not have instruments like them. We would all like to meet you very much, to give you a very big thank you for the instruments that you have provided for us. p.s. You re a very, very kind man.

From 4L - Devonshire Primary School

I just wanted to say a massive thank you on behalf of Devonshire Primary School for last night’s ‘African Muzic Festival’. Both staff and kids had an amazing time; it will be something they remember for many years to come.

Jo Geary - Devonshire Primary School

What a wonderful evening yet again - thanks! 'Christmas Choir Festival'

David Lund - Director of Education

This evening I attended the 'Schools Alive' celebration event at the Grand Theatre. I had no prior knowledge of the event and very little awareness of the performance Claremont would be giving. Wow! Is the first of many words I will be using over coming weeks to describe the experience. I was impressed with the whole event, but Claremont's performance was just fantastic. Thank you to Kate Fard for her creativity, patience and commitment and to her support team of staff, parents and family members who help make it all come together. I must mention Simon Humphries (teaching assistant in year 3), who performed on stage playing the guitar for part of the performance. I am assured we are always the best by far! (not a biased opinion honestly!). Although only 2 small words, I want to finish with them again - Thank You. It's fantastic to have so many good things to say thank you for. I look forward to thanking the children and hopefully getting them to perform for the school.

Kirsty Sutton - Headteacher - Claremont Primary School

David Lund announced your recent success at our Cabinet Meeting October 2010, and I would like to add my personal congratulations on a terrific achievement. I know the level of competition you were facing and there were some big hitters in there, including Hampshire, so it makes the achievement even more triumphant. It is good to see that Music in Blackpool Schools is in good hands.

Cllr Tony Williams - Cabinet member for Culture & Communities

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for all the effort from yourself and the crew at ‘Schools Alive’ at the Blackpool Grand last night. It was a fantastic evening which all the children at Westcliff loved!

Nicola Hudson - Westcliff Primary School

Another fabulous 'Schools Alive' last night (Monday). Big congratulations on another successful evening.

Wendy Hogarth - Anchorsholme

BRILLIANT! Many thanks for last night. We all though it was great! The bands are fantastic, the atmosphere was fun and the venue was superb. Well done! 'Christmas Choir Festival'

Lindsay Walton - Marton Primary School

The concert went brilliantly on Thursday, and I thought that even though they made your life very difficult, the venue was a massive improvement on the Ice Arena. Until we were there on Thursday, I hadn't fully appreciated just how good a venue it is. Just so you know, we had lots of positive comments from parents about the concert and Laura and I enjoyed it. 'Christmas Choir Festival'

Cath Anderton - Thames Primary School

I just wanted to say it was a fabulous event on Thursday. There have been so many compliments from parents and teachers. I know I really enjoyed myself and the children said they did too. I appreciate how much organising a concert like this takes, so that's a big thank you to you! Christmas Choir Festival

You are the most amazing person! I cannot thank you enough for fighting tooth and nail for my children and the parents of other children who are involved in the music service. You are truly an inspiration to everyone of the dedication to have towards music and up and coming performers (including me and my dance ha ha). One million thank you’s. Have a great summer and all the best for France. We can’t wait to start a brilliant new year with you in September and if you require a stand in for a triangle part at any point, give me a shout! 

A parent - 19th July 2017

To Andy, I can't believe that the time has come to say 'Goodbye'! Looking back, who would have thought that young, shy boy would become the confident performer he is today. From the very beginning, you have motivated and encouraged me and given me opportunities that have always left me striving for more. As I leave BMS and start another step on my journey, I will never forget what big part of my life BMS was during my high school years. I wonder if I had never asked for a flugelhorn if our paths would have crossed and whether my passion for music would be so strong today! With much gratitude, James Nash.

James Nash

Re - African Drumming Workshop Thank you for a truly inspirational day on Friday with Wedzi and Nyemu. The children loved it, but so did the parents. The whole school assembly was after Y5's class assembly so I asked if any parents would like to stay.... they did and had a wonderful time! You and your service really do make a difference with all the opportunities you afford us in our little schools in Blackpool and we are very grateful.

Frances Wygladala, Head Teacher, St Kentigern's Catholic Primary School 12/10/2018

We are currently hosting the KS1 choir with a member of your team. I wanted to let you know how much the children have enjoyed it and how high the uptake was. we had over 30 for the choir and only 8 have dropped off which is great. Yesterday Year 1 went on a trip and on the minibus they were singing all the choir songs and teaching their classmates, it was very lovely to hear them singing so happily. Thanks for the experience.

Joanne Zinna - KS1 Lead Teacher - 18/10/2018

Hello I am a childminder and would like to thank you and your staff, in particular Jane for the amazing Tiddly Om Pom Poms sessions we attend. I have been childminding for 20 years and have only in the last year realised this valuable resource was available. I currently care for 3 polish children, 2 of which came to England in May with no spoken English. I looked around for additional groups to go to in particular those which would help with their speech and language development and came across Tiddly Om Pom Poms at Revoe. The children love it and their speech and language has come on in leaps and bounds. It has been a great additional resource for them and they are now all fluent in English partly because of Tiddly Om Pom Poms. Next week I am moving house but will keep the same children, I think we are likely to move to a different Tiddly Om Pom Poms because of travelling but if the Revoe was the only available session I would still take them as it’s been so good for them. I will tell everyone I come into contact with about these sessions as I think they are fantastic and definitely not used as much as they could be.

Lynn Taylor 07/01/2019

I have been attending Tiddly om pom poms since mid November, with my baby who was 5 weeks old and is now 9 months. We attend at Revo childrens center on a Wednesday morning with Jane. This session has proved invaluable for me and my Daughter. I was told about the class and needed to get out the house going stir crazy. I braved the session and was welcomed straight away, and although she couldnt do hardly anything and spent most of her time feeding and sleeping. We were totally involved and were encouraged to join in fully. Which was so lovely, I thought ok that wasnt so bad and went again. The next time was the same Jane welcomed us and we were fully involved in the session. Jane even commented how much we had a bond as she was trying to copy my expressions. She didnt need to comment and I dont think she will ever know how much this comment stuck with me and made me think I could do this parenting thing. We continued going each time she was able to so just a bit more and a bit more and stay awake for the session. Although she couldnt hold the instruments I had one to hold with her, she couldnt really select a song but was shown the items or pictures. My daughter was/is the youngest, but was never treated any different to the others. Working with children myself I know how important this is. As my daughter grew she was able to hold the instruments and then select the song by grabbing the items. She has been able to clap since she was 7 months and I think because we do this so much at Tiddlys she has learnt quicker. She now wiggles and moves to music, alongwith having her own set of instruments at home. I'm not saying she has learnt everything from the sessions as I do alot with her but they have helped and reinforced certain aspects. I think I the session and Jane is amazing we have made friends at the group and learnt songs and my daughter has developed skills. It is a great service and fantastic that it is offered free. I'm so glad we attended although I felt guilty about taking her I know think she has got so much from Tiddlys not to mention me. Tiddlys has ment so much to is both. I'm just gutted that we cant go anymore because I'm at work the day it is running. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful session has been supported and what a wonderful group leader Jane is

A parent 18/07/2019

I was just looking for something on The Hub and saw the notice of your recent DVD. I’ve just had an enchanting taster on YouTube. I don’t want to buy a DVD but I really, really wanted to congratulate you all and all your brilliant musicians, singers and arrangers etc. What a lovely way to ensure music and performance continues to be a part of the lives of young people all over the area. I should add that it was also a lovely way to round off my week … Thank you and congratulations to all. Season’s greetings and here’s to a better time for all in 2021.

Sue Ashworth Project Manager (Blackpool Museum Project) 14/12/2020

Brilliant teachers with patience and understanding- thank you! Just love the Blackpool Music Service - both of my children have grown in confidence through their music lessons and attendance at BASSO meetings on Tuesday evening- thank you!

Parent 24/11/2020

Thanks for your continued support, it has really helped us boost mental health and well being in a very difficult year.

Primary school Head Teacher 09/06/2021

I just wanted to share how amazing Jane and BMS has been to support us again this year. Jane is super flexible and has delivered some amazing experiences for the pupils.

Head of Music at a Blackpool Special School 09/06/2021

Thank you so much for all the organising you do to enable our children to experience performing in such a wonderful theatre and production. The children from Roseacre thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Schools Alive 2022.

Michelle Devine, Head of Music at Roseacre Academy

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both and the fabulous team at the Grand Theatre. It was so great for our children to be able to perform in Schools Alive once again and they have all made some fabulous memories that will last a lifetime. One child said the me ‘I feel fantastic!’ after his performance. Until next year…

Nicola Hudson, Westcliff Academy