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The Tiddly Pom Bears

Tiddly-Om-Pom-Poms, delivers free, high quality music making sessions in Children's Centres and nurseries in Blackpool.

Research indicates that there are many benefits of early years music-making including developments in phonics, improved reading and language skills and communication between parents and children.

The first session specifically targets pre-school age children already attending the nursery facilities within a Children's Centre.

Music Leaders working alongside existing staff will deliver musical activities which will promote and encourage the development of basic musical skills and enable the children to foster an early enjoyment and appreciation of music.

Enjoying the session

Families registered with any of Blackpool's Children's Centres where Tiddly-Om-Pom-Poms is timetabled, are invited to attend the second Tiddly-Om-Pom-Poms session.

These weekly sessions are specifically aimed at carers and their children with the aim of developing the musical skills of both the carer and the child through fun, practical activities. Blackpool's Music Adviser, Mr Andrew White, confirmed that "the £30,000 from Youth Music was a welcomed financial boost to enhance the aspirations of Blackpool Music Service. This grant will ensure that we deliver music into many Children's Centres and Schools within Blackpool, from babies aged from 6 months to adults at 19 years of age. This is such an exciting challenge and one which will bring enjoyment to hundreds of young children, staff and parents".

Children love making music

Weekly Carer & Child Sessions from Setptember 2019

Grange Park Children's Centre - 12.50pm to 13.50pm
31 Dingle Avenue
Grange Park
Blackpool FY3 2AN

St Cuthbert's Children's Centre - 9.30am - 10.00am
Lightwood Avenue
Blackpool FY4 2AU

Kincraig Children's Centre - 11.00am - 11.30am
Kincgraig Road
Blackpool FY2 0HN

For more information on session times and venues, please contact Blackpool Music Service on 01253 476767 or contact your local Children’s Centre.