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Pop Idol

Pop Idol 2017

Pop Idol 2017 is one of our many successful events designed to encourage our better vocal performers to sing as soloists in front of an encouraging, supportive audience. This year the event was held at South Shore Academy on 23rd May.
Our respected adjudicators from Radio Wave, Hayley Kay and Scott Gallagher, were very positive about the exceptional young talent we have in Blackpool.

Sienna High-Ashton

Primary Schools

First prize was awarded to Sienna High-Ashton from Waterloo School singing ‘Gravity’ by Sarah Bareilles.
The judges' comments described Sienna as having 'superb vocal technique' 'Sienna delivered a confident performance and managed to control that awesome voice of hers - what a show stopper!

Second place was awarded to Demi Garnett from Roseacre Academy singing 'How Far I'll Go' from Frozen. The judges commented that Demi 'nailed that last note!' 'Demi has a very warming smile and welcomes the audience straight away.'

Third place went to Tay Frearson from Thames Academy singing 'Roar' by Katy Perry. The judges commented that Taya 'looks every inch the pop star!' and 'Brilliant pitch and power'.

Megan Dodd

High Schools

The High School section was just as rewarding. First place for Key Stage 3 went to Megan Dodd from St George’s singing ‘I have nothing’ by Whitney Houston. The judges remarked ‘Very confident vocal start and throughout the performance.’ ‘A very polished and confident performance.’

Ellie Footman

First place for Key Stage 4 was awarded to Ellie Footman from South Shore Academy singing ‘Writing’s on the Wall’ by Sam Smith. The judges commented ‘Ellie gave a fantastic performance of a difficult song. She has a beautiful voice and controls it very well’.
Second place for Key Stage 4 went to Nikita Arthur singing ‘With You’ from Ghost. The judges said ‘Superb control and tone’ and ‘What an incredible voice! So well controlled and clear’.

Congratulations to all who took part and our special thanks must go to all those who helped to prepare our young talented vocalists.