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Welcome to Blackpool Music Service website.

Formed in 2002, Blackpool Music Service is a nationally respected, financially self-sufficient, customer led service which, according to the Federation of Music Services (2011) provides ‘outstanding value for money’. This observation was echoed by the National Music Council which awarded its prestigious ‘Major Trophy’ to Blackpool Music Service in November 2011.

The service provides weekly musical tuition in 95% of Blackpool Schools and Academies and, in Children's Centres across the borough. Its constant drive to improve the experiences and opportunities of all Blackpool children makes the Music Centre a fun place to work and rehearse. Regular staged events in our prestigious venues celebrate Blackpool children’s exceptional talent.

In September 2012 the service was offered Music Education Hub status. Annual DfE grants followed via Arts Council and provided support for a full expansion of our services, delivery partnerships, inspirational events and, enjoyable music-making for all Blackpool children.

Blackpool Music Service is entirely customer driven. Our success is due to the excellent interaction we have with all schools and musical communities across Blackpool. Provisions include “Tiddly-Om-Pom-Poms” for parents, carers and babies from birth to 5 years of age, Wider Opportunities for Primary and High School children and which includes up to 1 years free instrumental tuition, free instrumental loans for all music lessons, the provision of instrumental and vocal music lessons, curricular support, GCSE support and, free musical opportunities for adults (16 – 80). In addition, the service provides numerous free weekly choral and instrumental rehearsals.

Our Creative Music Making Programme contains professional, international, national and regional musicians from around the world. This programme provides extensive workshops for up to 20,000 pupils every year and endless opportunities for our children to perform with exciting, experienced artists. Such opportunities are requested, monitored and assessed by our various Strategic Steering Groups (Adult and Pupil). All our stakeholders are represented in these groups and their opinions dictate the content and standards of our work. Their regular assessments give clear guidance as to how successful events have been and clear indications on how to improve and extend programmes. Consequently, we have a very large number of partners.

With the introduction of regular new opportunities, extensive social media interaction and, a very proactive specialist team with incredible local support, we can ensure that all Blackpool children reach their full musical potential. With new regular aspirations our existing quality service will inspire our future musicians and ambassadors and provide endless hours of music-making fun for all.

Andrew White Music Adviser & Head of Service Blackpool Music Service

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